The events in Everyday Use were very common

The events in Everyday Use were very common. Dee (Wangero) came home and change her name and become a new person along with her friend Asalamalakim. Her family asked her what happened to the name she used to have. She told them, I couldn’t bear it any longer, being named after the people who oppress me. (p. 509) It was typical that in that time, older members of the family who had previously gone off and explored other options would come home and be different people than who they were when they left. Because Alice Walker was the youngest child of eight children, it is quite possible that she had experienced a sibling who left and came back a different person one or many times. Also, when Dee (Wangero) returned she decided that she wanted some of the heirlooms. Alice Walker could have experienced this phenomenon because her family was impoverished, and therefore any heirlooms that they had would probably have been sacred to them.


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