According to Rittenberg

According to Rittenberg (2012), “oligopoly is the condition in which a market is dominated by a few firms” (p 283). There are multiple examples of real-world oligopolies if you think about it. You have the airline industry that makes billions of dollars and yes there are a lot of them but there are only a few that dominate the market. You also have the mobile phones services which I know we all know the top four companies that dominate i.e. Verizon, AT&T, T Mobile and Sprint because of the coverage, rates, and phone capabilities they provide. Other mobile phones are catching up but do not dominate the market. I must say to dominate a market you must have great advertising market or strategy. Advertising must be one of the key sources to control the market and to sell their product no matter what oligopoly there is. I would say this is consistent with what I have learned throughout the course about advertising and oligopoly.