Who We Are

Catriona Alderton

Catriona has  recently taken on the role of ASN’s Membership Secretary. She has spent much of her life living overseas, and  is now based in London and Sussex. She is a practicing Transpersonal Arts Counsellor, and supports students of Art in Therapy with their clinical placements. She also runs art groups, and produces her own artwork when time allows. She has a  background in art, Human Resources and Events Coordination, and a deep interest in exploring spirituality and the creative process from a multi-faith perspective.

Carol Baker

Carol is a Quaker, a fine artist and designer of many years standing who enjoyus creativity and imagination through the arts. She explores how arts are interwoven through meditationa and spirituality, and teaches in commnity arts.

Maggie Freake

Maggie is a Quaker who enjoys creativity in many forms including art, writing, singing, storytelling and 5 Rythms dance. She recently did a spiritual direction course – contemplating/creating her own spiritual direction as well as how to accompany other people as they look for theirs. “Where’s God in all this?” is a question she frequently asks.

Melvyn Freake

Melvyn is our treasurer. He is a mature and semi-retired Quaker, whose interest in the arts is mainly theatre and literature, an amateur actor of 25 years standing who has played a wide range of parts. He and his partner have been to a few ASN workshops over the last few years, and welcome the open and spiritual approach to creativity the network encourages, liking the opportunity to sometimes play and sometimes plumb some depths and portray those explorations artistically.

Tessa Gaynn

Tessa is a kinesiologist and homeopath, and a practising artist. She is a new member of the Art and Spirituality Network. www.cosmiclogic.co.uk

Elaine Giles

Elaine enjoyed her involvement as secretary of the ASN between 2011 and 2016, and new insights from many workshops led by its members. She is a Mediator, Coach and retired Speech and Language Therapist, with a passion for observation and visual arts, especially links between nature and science, creativity, therapy and psychology. Some of her artwork can be seen via  www.elainegiles.gallery.

John Harley

John has been involved in the ASN since its first beginnings. He was Chair of the ASN for many years and has led numerous workshops and gallery visits. He now lives in Dorset. He is a youth leader and Unitarian minister and has recently trained as a Dramatherapist. He now runs his own retreat organisation called Be Here Create:  www.beherecreate.co.uk

Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes finds creative inspiration in art, relationship, nature, dance, and not least fatherhood. He works in London as a psychosynthesis counsellor and group facilitator, with special interest in the creativity of intimate relationship in a world of continual transformation (see Walthamstow Counselling, E17.) Mark is also a friendly computer expert who creates websites that people can update themselves (including this one) and helps people learn to use computers for business and pleasure (see Small Business Websites and Computer Help.)

Charlotte Illingworth

Charlotte is a multi media textile artist who specialises in embroidery. Her work studies feelings and spirituality, and she teaches in community arts.

Isa Levy

Isa Levy is a painter and Arts Psychotherapist based in Highgate, North London.She is a Quaker and Buddhist. Her paintings can be viewed on her website www.isalevy.co.uk or for info. re: Arts Psychotherapy visit www.artspsychotherapy.org.uk. Isa also has an article in Quaker Voices (Vol 4 No 2) about her work as an artist and how it links to her spiritual practice.

Marian Liebmann

Marian is a Quaker, an art therapist and a mediator. She brings these backgrounds together in her workshops on Art & Conflict, which she has run for about 15 years. She has written/edited ten books, including Arts Approaches to Conflict (further information), Restorative Justice: How It Works, Art Therapy for Groups and Art Therapy and Anger (information on selected books).

Sara MacVane

Sara is the Church of England priest-in-charge in the province of Pas de Calais in France. She attended her first ASN workshop a year or so ago and is very interested in how whatever we create is in effect a manifestation of our spiritual insight.

Linda Murgatroyd

Linda is our Chair. She has been involved with ASN for over 15 years, and was its Secretary for many of them before taking a break. She has been a Quaker for over half her life and uses art and making things as part of her spiritual practice. She is  particularly interested in how art can help nurture and develop spiritual life and community; and can cut across other boundaries to help address life issues. She loves the way ASN workshops can inspire and nourish people, and sometimes challenge us to new growth.  She has written a bit about this in  http://www.thefriend.co.uk/fq.

Andrew Norwood

Andrew spent ten years as Chaplain to the University of the Arts London, and was Chaplain to the Moot Community – a Church of England contemplative community at St Mary Aldermary in the heart of City of London. He enjoys exploring how faith and spirituality interact with art and creativity. He also co-edits the ASN website.

Kate Pearson

Kate studies fine art and her practice is concerned with the visual manifestations of faith and beliefs. She is inspired by religious objects, practices, artefacts and myths. Kate is interested in the potential for art-making to contribute to well being and spiritual growth.

Angela Schütz

Angela is a transpersonal counsellor, artist and Quaker. She has run workshops for the ASN mostly in London but she works primarily in Sussex where she is also a guest teacher at Tobias School of Art & Therapy. Her art classes, workshops and retreats reflect her particular interested in creativity as a door to personal and spiritual insight and support people in accessing their creative capacities, both in art and in life. See more at www.artandsoulwork.com

Andy Stoller

Andy has kept a journal for 14 years and has run workshops on various aspects of spirituality for Woodbrooke, the Quaker college. She has been a Quaker for over 25 years, coming from a Jewish background.