Event Archive for 2010

2010: Exploring and Expressing Creative Processes

November: ‘Using the Arts on our Spiritual Journeys’

Members of ASN introduced a wider discussion, hosted jointly with the University of the Arts London Chaplaincy, at the University of the Arts London. John Harley suggested that there seems to be a tendency in modern Western society for art to be increasingly put behind bullet proof glass and neat little ropes in galleries. Ironically as it increases in market value it can become more distant from our physical, daily lives. John led a short meditation to help us get back into contact with art and to allow our senses, our bodies and our intuitive selves to reach out touch the images. He gave some examples of recent workshops organised by The Art and Spirituality Network which have given participants the experience of fully connecting with art and fully involving mind, body and spirit.

A full version of his talk can be found here as a Word document or as a PDF.

A flyer is now available to download in Word format and PDF format

A participant report is available here

October: ‘Windows into our life journeys’

Finding insights and inspiration through being with art. This is the second creative workshop at the Courtauld Gallery led by Tomo Williams and John Harley. There is now a flyer available as a Word document.

July: ‘Acorns and Oaks’

An all age workshop on a summer’s day led by Marianne Zeck and Alison Wallace. At Deen City Farm, Merton Abbey, London. A report on this event is available now. Flyer available as a Word doc.

June: ‘Art and Prayer’

Sara MacVane and Sarah Liebert led an exploration of how artistic creation can give expression to our spiritual life, at St Laurence’s Church, Catford, London. We explored artistic creation as one of the ways in which our spiritual life takes on form and dimension, by means of discussion and practical and meditative activities using visual arts.

Flyer available as a Word doc or as a Publisher doc

A participant report is available here

January: ‘ASN Development Day’

We held an ASN development day at Wimbledon Quaker Meeting House; for anyone interested in helping plan or run events for next year or getting more involved with ASN. This led to a wealth of new ideas and potential venues. We’d still be interested in hearing from new volunteers, so keep those ideas coming! See the original plan as a Word document here.