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Saturday 21st January 2017Spirituality and Nature

Led by Carol Baker and Charlotte Illingworth at the Victoria and Albert Museum

A time to connect deeply with nature and art works through a guided meditation, simple creative writing, natural forms and colour.  Flyer: ASN Spirituality and Nature flyer


Saturday 8 October 2016Spirit and Place

Led by Linda Murgatroyd at Wandsworth Quaker Meeting House

This workshop was set in the historic Quaker meeting house at Wandsworth, where local Quakers were holding an art exhibition. A dozen or so people gathered to explore looking in different ways at the exhibition and the place . After some introductory activities we were led through a guided meditation on the theme of ‘windows’, and were then each provided with a small rectangular card viewfinder through with to explore details of the place and artworks. We then had opportunities to make something in response to what we saw, and to share something of the experience and insights gained. All that in a morning!  Participants  found it ‘very inspirational’, ‘enjoyed the opportunity to experiment in a non-judgmental environment’, ‘connected with deeper aspects of [my]self – long forgotten’, were ‘embraced by the beautiful old meeting house’ and garden. Most people stayed on to look longer at the artworks and to talk further over a cup of tea or their lunch. It was lovely to work alongside such a lovely group of people, with such varied interests, and to see how everyone responded differently to this very special place, which was humming with artworks. (For more information about Wandsworth Meeting House and the exhibition, see ASN spirit and place flyer 



Saturday 24th September 2016Meditation through Angels: How might can angels transform our spiritual lives?

Led by Carol Baker and Charlotte Illingworth at the National Gallery, London

In the course of a quiet morning, we looked at how angels have been depicted in the past and how this might connect with our personal experience. There was time to connect deeply with wonderful art works, through silence, simple creative activites, sharing and fellowship.  ASN Meditation Through Angels Flyer

Click the link to read a participant’s Meditation with Angels Reflection (Word) Meditation with Angels Reflection (PDF)

Saturday 30th January 2016Windows into Ourselves: Finding insights through being with art

Led by Melvyn Freake and John Harley at the Victoria and Albert Museum

A morning of a quiet reflection with time to make personal and deep connections with this fine collection of art, with opportunities for
meditation, silence, creativity, sharing and fellowship.

For the PDF flyer please click asn windows into selves

Some feedback from the participants: ‘Very clear, brief, simple, unhurried, relaxed, gentle encouragement’  ‘Relaxed, confident and clear approach. The facilitators held the group well’  ‘Both facilitators were calm and thoughtful, receptive to each person’s comments and put everyone at ease’  ‘Taking the time to look carefully at pictures I would not normally have paid much attention to and absorbing their atmosphere and hearing other people’s views of them’


Saturday 22nd August 2015Rooted Where We Are: Moorland and City

Led by Linda Murgatroyd and Melvin Freake at Friends’ House, Euston Road, London NW1

This workshop was an opportunity to reflect on how life evolves and is sustained in the contrasting environments of the Yorkshire Moors and Inner City London, and in our own lives. We responded to the Quaker Arts Network exhibition “Climb up to the Moor” which features the work of ASN member and Quaker artist Judith Bromley and of Robert Nicholls, and also to the Euston road neighbourhood. For details please click on the PDF links below:

Moorland and City A4 flyer and Moorland and City A5 flyer

The Climb up to the Moor art installation at Friends House, and the building itself provoked some deep responses, some of which are written and illustrated here. The experience will go on working in the hearts and minds of participants..

poem from fh aug 2015 (PDF) poem from fh aug 2015 (DOC)

ASN QAN moorland and city group poem 2015 (PDF) ASN QAN moorland and city group poem 2015 (DOC)

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Friday 13th June 2-14Living on the Cusp

Led by John Harley and Nicky Teverson at The Farmhouse, Keston, Kent BR2

Through art-making and ritual we had time to work alone and with other and discover the creative tensions between natural and man-made structures, old and new, ordered and wild. We worked outdoors with opportunities to make connections with the wilderness, each other and ourselves.

Please click on the Word or PDF document links for details, directions, cost and booking form:

Living on the Cusp June 14 Flyer (Word)   Living on the Cusp June 14 Flyer (PDF)

Sunday May 18th 2014‘The Tree of Life’

Led by John Harley and Elaine Giles at Chelsea Physic Garden, London SW3

Tucked away beside the Thames, Chelsea Physic Garden is a celebration of the beauty and importance of plants. This walled Garden was founded in 1673 by the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries for its apprentices to study the medicinal qualities of plants. During the day we explored the rich diversity of the garden through walking meditation, drawing and watercolour, looking at textures, patterns and sensations, with time for creative writing and opportunities to reflect on connections with our inner lives and search for meaning.

For Flyer with more details: The Tree of Life May 14 Flyer (Word)   The Tree of Life May 14 Flyer (PDF)


Saturday 8th March 2014 –  Moving Towards Forgiveness Through Art

Led by Marian Liebman at Wandsworth Quaker Meeting House, London SW18

A day exploring ideas about forgiveness using simple exercises with paint, paper and other art materials. We gained new insights into aspects of forgiveness and our emotional responses. We worked alone and with others, mostly in silence, with some opportunities for sharing. Below are some links to the Handouts of the day:

Forgiveness Workshop Outline; Forgiveness 1; Forgiveness 2 Stages; Forgiveness 3 Exercises

To view the flyer and outline of the day click on: Forgiveness_Through_Art_Mar_2014  (Word)    Forgiveness_Through_Art_Mar_2014 (PDF)

Towards Forgiveness_1Towards Forgiveness_2

Saturday 18th January 2013 – ‘Exploring Conflict through Art

Led by Linda Murgatroyd with Elaine Giles at Wandsworth Quaker Meeting House, London SW18

The aim of the day was to explore aspects of conflict through a series of varied simple exercises using art materials in silence, and talking afterwards. In many of the exercises we worked in pairs and experienced how differences of perception gave rise to strong responses but might also offer unexpected and creative ways forward. There was also time to reflect alone on a past experience and on the events of the day. ”

From a participant:’The Exploring Conflict Through Art workshop was excellent as a way of exploring our personal reactions to the whole subject of conflict, and the topics around it, both enjoyably and safely. It’s not just for those with artistic talents – luckily for me since I don’t have many – because the art exercises let us use our hands and eyes without words; which somehow seems to get straight to the feeling heart of the matter and connect very deep parts of ourselves, without seeming effort, up to the surface, resulting in lots of learning and ah-ha moments. We all ended the day very enthusiastic about the structure of the day and the gentle and sensitive facilitation of the workshop leaders. Many thanks!’

To view an outline of the day see the following Word or PDF flyers: Art and Conflict Jan 2014 (Word)   Art and Conflict Jan 2014  (PDF)

IMG_8881 IMG_8879 IMG_8877 IMG_8876 IMG_8875 IMG_8874 IMG_8873 IMG_8872 IMG_8871 IMG_8870 IMG_8869 IMG_8868 IMG_8867 IMG_8886 IMG_8885 IMG_8884 IMG_8883 IMG_8882


Saturday 28th September 2013Drawing Your Sacred Space

One day workshop led by Tessa Gaynn at Resource for London, London N7

An exploration of how our creative skills can connect us with our soul.  Use our creativity to guide us towards our heart’s desire.  A day of meditation and drawing to nurture our own spiritual connection. We enjoyed a safe space for participants to learn new ways of understanding themselves and others, share the insights, get support to express our own truth and give our wisdom a space in which to grow.

You can view the Drawing Your Sacred Space Sept 13 flyer


Saturday 13 July 2013 – ‘Making Art through the Spirit Of Music, Rhythm, & Stillness’

A day worshop facilitated by Isa Levy, assisted by Elaine Giles at Muswell Hill Local Meeting, London N10

Taking sound as our theme, whether it be the sound of silence, Tibetan bowls, Debussy, Rock or African drum beat. We spent the day mindfully moving from one to the other sharing our experiences, expressing our inner rhythms through the creative spirit.

You can view the MakingArt Flyer& Booking Form

Isa also has an article in Quaker Voices (Vol 4 No 2) about her work as an artist and how it links to her spiritual practice

Photos of our creative work below:


Saturday, 16 March, 2013 – Value and values’ – an afternoon workshop at Friends House, Euston Road, London

An opportunity to reflect more personally on issues raised in the morning’s London Quakers’ Dialogue: ‘Money, morality and values‘, and to explore how money fits with your spiritual and other values. Led by Linda Murgatroyd with Frances Bowmen, Melvin Freake, Elaine Giles and Isa Levy. We will be using silence, speech and kindergarten-simple arts and crafts activities.

You can view the Money Dialogue Flyer

Photos below – with thanks to Mike Hoyle


Tuesday 12th FebruaryCreativity and Spirituality 6th Form Conference at Trinity School Belvedere

A further invitation to participate in the Year 12 Conference. View the Programme


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